Young Spanish Blog Writer, will try to take you all with me on a journey of real thoughts, some sentiments which we experience in our daily, we come across with a lot of thongs in our life, that sometimes we try to ignore it though we know it, or we don’t care too much. So I’ll try to make you see the basic things of life from my point of view that I have experienced or still experiencing.

Hola a todos, soy Akash , un  joven escritor de blog. Os llevaré conmingo en un viaje de pensamientos reales, algunos sentimientos especiales, los que experimentamos cotidianamente, a veces no nos damos cuenta, a veces los intentamos evitar. Trataré de llevar vuestras atenciones a las cosas bascias a traves de mi punto de vista lo que he enfrentado o todavia lo que estoy experimentando.